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Kayla. 22. Michigan. Leo. Hufflepuff.
Percussion and Low Brass.

Marching history
Dutchboy D&BC, Baritone, 2009
Northcoast Academy, Cymbals, 2010
Empire Statesmen D&BC, Cymbals, 2012-13
Matrix, Synth 2013, Cymbals 2014

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    Anonymous asked: What are auditions like at Matrix? Specifically cymbals, but if you know anything about bass drum, that would be cool too. Thanks!


    For both sections, a packet will come out a few weeks before auditions with exercises you’ll be expected to learn. There’ll probably be a battery audition page up around the time DCI ends. You’ll play mostly as a section. For the bassline you should bring a drum pad because you’ll be rotated on and off the drum. There will be a full battery visual block and you’ll probably march over 200bpm and maybe do some body. For the cymbal line you’ll also have to learn a couple cymbal visual sequences along with your music [bring a highlighter] and the last hour/half hour will be full battery. You can audition for both but by the second audition, you’ll be better off choosing one. It’s really pretty laid back because that’s how rehearsal is. Be confident and play with your head up! 

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"Freakum Dress" live at the Barclays Center

    "Freakum Dress" live at the Barclays Center

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    Matrix Percussion 2014

    Matrix Percussion 2014


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    i wanna start doing like full improvs like i used to before the winter season. I mainly wanna do it to see how much i’ve improved and shit. but yeah I need some song suggestions!

    help a kid out 

    I want to see some guardband to Runner by Dustin O’Halloran


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    I’m glad I’m not the only person in Matrix that has zero desire to watch the finals run.

    I just don’t even want to know.

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    When Michael Jackson gets woke up for school
    Vine by: The Black Simba

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